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Local Solar supply and install Solar Panels in the North West of England.  Based in Liverpool, Local Solar can source, install and maintain your P.V. Solar Panel System

Solar panels, come in two main forms, Their are solar panels that can heat up water (solar thermal panels) and solar panels that can generate electricity (photovoltaic solar panels.)

LocalSolar specialise in the supply and fitting of Photovoltaic Solar Panels.

Benefit from Free Energy and Make Money!

Call Local Solar to find out how you can reduce your fuel bills and make money through the governments Feed In Tarriff Scheme. 

MCS Accredited

As Local Solar are MCS accredited, you have complete peace of mind that our Solar Panels will meet the standards required to qualify for the Feed In Tariff Scheme, and be fitted by qualified and experienced engineers.

Thinking about installing Solar Panels?

Call Local Solar to discuss your exact requirements and for a free, no obligation quote.  We will help you understand how the Feed In Tariff works, tailor a Solar Panel system to your exact needs and provide you details of your return on investment.

Is solar energy still a good investment, a good way of being green, or both?

Ever since the popularity of solar panels has increased there have been solar-nay-sayers claiming that solar panels actually require more energy to make than they save over their lifespan.

Well according to Amy Galland, author of the Clean & Green Best Practices in Photovoltaics the energy pay-back time for solar is low, and shrinking. The report shows that it takes about a year for a solar crystalline panel to produce as much power as it took to make it. "And after that first year it then creates electricity for another 30 years with no emissions." Galland adds.

Beyond a short energy payback period, solar companies seem to be acting socially and environmentally responsible, according to the report.


"The solar industry is aware of issues and is investing in solutions... different from the utilities who are aware of issues and are investing in lobbyists." - Amy Galland

So if you are looking to be greener then solar panels will definitely do just that, but what if you're looking to install solar panels as a financial investment, is it still a good choice in light of the changing feed-in-tariff (FiT) and criteria?

Firstly, if you have an existing Energy Performance Certificate with a D rating or above, or will achieve this rating with relative ease, and your property has a south-facing roof, then you will struggle to find a better option.

With the cost of installing solar panels at an all-time low due to falling manufacturing costs and fierce competition between installation companies, coupled with the fact that you can earn over £850 per year from the FiT, as well as save on your electricity bill, means your investment can return over 10% per annum... for 25 years. That is something that no savings account can compete with.

Accredited and Approved by, Trust Mark, MCS, NAPIT, OFT, CO2, REAL